Studio Policies


  1. A non-refundable registration fee of $10.00 per student is required yearly at the time of registration. First month’s tuition must also be included.


  1. Pink ballet shoes (properly fitted, please) for all ballet/pointe classes.
  2. Black tap shoes (may be needed, depending on the class).  Replace ribbons with black 1/4" elastic loop.
  3. Dance shoes must be marked with student’s name or initials.
  4. Ballet/Tap/Jazz students must wear leotard, tights, unitards, etc. (no tights that have visible difference in weave at panty area).  NO STREET CLOTHES; NO UNDIES (Ballerinas wear tights instead).  Failure to comply can result in the student being told to sit out the class. 
  5. Hip hop students should wear something comfortable that allows for movement (no jeans).
  6. Skirts are allowed for ballet (no longer than above the knee).
  7. Hair secured away from face (no headbands that fall off).
  8. No jewelry except stud-type earrings.


  1. No gum chewing in the Studio.
  2. Do not wear dance shoes outside; no street shoes allowed in the Studio.
  3. Please use the restroom before or after class.
  4. Teachers are responsible for students during class time only.
  5. Ballet barres are to help dancers balance and stretch; they are not for climbing.
  6. Only water may be brought into the Studio to drink; no food.
  7. Parents to check bulletin board weekly for notices or notes to go home.
  8. A student who arrives late for class may be told to sit out the class.
  9. If classes are missed they may be made up – they will not be credited.
  10. If a student refuses to pay attention or has a bad attitude, they will be sent to the parent or told to sit out the class until behavior improves.
  11. Parents/children are to clean up toys and any messes they have created.


The following days are the ONLY times that classes are NOT SCHEDULED:

  1. Labor Day (Monday)
  2. Thanksgiving (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
  3. Christmas Break (according to MC Area Schools)
  4. Spring Break (according to MC Area Schools)


If MC Area Schools are canceled due to the weather, dance classes are also canceled and may be made up.

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